Shared transfers
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mid-season excursions

Until 15th December, we only service

Express line

Our express line is our cheapest service, running at peak times. It runs in Chamonix and Morzine throughout the summer, and will pick up and drop off from a few specific stops.

Chamonix on shared transfers.

Door to Door Service (D2D)

Our Door-to-Door service again runs in Chamonix and to the same timetable as the Point to Point service. But we will pick you up or deliver you to your door. There are certain areas within the valleys that we don't service, please click the link below to see a map of the areas we do and do not service, and where is the closest point we could pick you up from.


Point to Point Service (P2P)

Our Point to Point Service again runs in Chamonix and Morzine. This service will pick up and drop off at several easy to reach sites throughout the resort. These include the express line stops, but this service might have a more convenient time of transfer for you.