Transfers from Geneva Airport & Lyon Airport to

Val Thorens

Val Thorens

Transfer to and from LYON & GENEVA airports


For the first time this Winter we will be running shared transfers to and from Val Thorens for both Geneva Airport and Lyon Airport.


No other company offers this service with their own fleet of vehicles.

Alpybus SHARED & PRIVATE Transfer to Val Thorens


3h 30

Shared From

49.99€ Lyon / 55.50€ Geneva


Private & Shared

Arrivals from Geneva/Lyon

For your transfer from the Airport we will assign you to the earliest transfer an hour after your flight arrival to allow you to pass through passport control and collect your luggage. Upon booking your transfer you will be given an ESTIMATED time of your transfer. This time will be confirmed to you the day before travel.

Our team will then introduce you to your driver who will escort you to the coach. Coaches will run regularly between the airport and Moutiers.

Coaches are among the cleanest, greenest vehicles on our roads, with average carbon dioxide emissions per passenger per journey being around 5 times lower than air travel and 6 times lower than car travel.

In Moutiers our dispatch team will allocate you to the Val Thorens minibus who will continue the final part of your journey up to resort.


Travelling with a standard ticket?

If you miss your transfer, you can be assigned to the next available transfer by paying the “Rescue fee”.


Departures from Val Thorens

For your pick up from Val Thorens you will be given an ESTIMATED time of pick up at the point of booking based on the flight time you give. This will be confirmed the morning before travel and could be adjusted. We pick up from several locations for each transfer, so your pick up time will be adjusted depending on where you are in the order of pick ups, depending if we have to pick up from all stops. We endeavour to get you to the airport 2 hours before your flight.

Val Thorens Pick Up/Drop Off points

Val Thorens, Place du Slalom

Val Thorens, Bus Station

Val Thorens, UCPA

St Martin de Belleville, Bus Station

Moutiers, Bus Station

This is a pre-booked service. We will only pick up and drop-off at these points if they have been booked.

At the final stop in Moutiers you will be transferred onto a coach to your final destination of either Geneva or Lyon airport.

  Please check our timetable for Lyon-Val Thorens: here and for Geneva-Val Thorens: here.


Private transfers

For Private transfers, we will pick you up approximately 6 hours before your flight. As a private customer, you can adjust this time as you like, and we will do our best to accommodate you depending on our schedule for that day.



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Geneva Airport information

Geneva Airport has a Swiss and French side!

The airport has a French and Swiss side, most arrivals land on the Swiss side. The Charter Terminal (Terminal 2) is a 5-minute walk from the main terminal. When leaving Geneva Airport with GVA, we have priority parking, no need for the long walk to the other parking areas that some transfer companies have to park in, our transfer vehicle will be waiting for you right outside the main arrivals' hall.