The Environment and Sustainability

The Environment and Sustainability

We only have one planet and it is more important than ever to work on changes to reduce our impact on the environment and find more sustainable methods of working.

Alpybus are motivated to help ensure we are doing our best to protect the Alps and environment we live and operate in. We are currently taking the following actions:

  • Reduce fuel and vehicle emissions with Alpybus Accredited driver training programmes.
  • All our fleet have speed limiters to help reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Researching alternative fleet options and transfering our fleet to electric/gas powered vehicles over the next decade.
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Join us in supporting the Chamonix-based Research Center for Alpine Ecosystems (CREA Mont-Blanc). Your contribution helps this local NGO carry out important work on how mountain environments and biodiversity are being impacted by climate change.

The Research Center for Alpine Ecosystems (CREA Mont-Blanc) is a nonprofit scientific and educational non-governmental organization. CREA Mont-Blanc has dual missions of studying the impacts of climate change on mountain biodiversity and sharing their work with the public, businesses and decision-makers to allow them to take informed action.

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We at Alpybus strive constantly towards excellence in all we do. Advancing along the road to excellence means keeping our commitments to all stakeholders in our business activity.

The principles behind our sustainability policy are:

Our commitment our Shareholder and Investors

  • Alpybus safeguards good governance and sustainability, promoting the creation of value and meeting our financial forecasts.
  • We understand and respond to the demands of our shareholders and investors, consulting with them to establish our short, medium and long-term financial and growth targets, while ensuring that they comply with our Values.
  • We support the transparency and the use of relevant, reliable, and accurate information. our Management

  • We ensure that all are involved in ensuring that the company is run well, complying with our targets and remaining true to our values and the style of leadership in place at Alpybus, based on the principle of “leaders as mentors”.
  • We support the transparency and the use of relevant, reliable, accurate information. the Authorities and Regulatory Bodies

  • We ensure that all contracts are performed with the agreed levels of safety and quality, ensuring the continuity of services and compliance with current legislation.
  • We work within our contractual frameworks to guarantee that all people have access to our transport and services regardless of their accessibility and/or mobility capabilities.
  • We support the transparency and the use of relevant, reliable, accurate information regarding how our services operate.
  • We implement Social Responsibility as the baseline for all our dealings with the community. our Customers

  • Our customers are at the heart of all we do, and we work tirelessly to meet their expectations.
  • We cherish safety and enforce a zero-tolerance policy with regard to behaviours which could put our customers at risk.
  • We offer innovative mobility services and solutions that benefit our users and society in general with regard to safety, quality, regularity, reliability, ease of use, customisation and price.
  • We strive to create positive experiences for our customers, establishing long-term relationships with them based on dialogue, mutual trust and a firm commitment to innovation, guaranteeing an array of services and solutions that fully meet their demands. our current, past and future Employees and their Families

  • We are committed to developing talent, rewarding excellence work and treating all our employees with respect.
  • We understand that our success is predicated on our employees and we foster pride in being a part of Alpybus, based on responsible selection, integration, development, participation, recognition, promotion and remuneration systems.
  • Respect for human rights and personal dignity is key to our activity. Accordingly, our pledge is to give all our employees - past, present and future - and their families a stable, safe and healthy working environment, fostering an equitable balance between their professional and personal lives.
  • We promote training and talent development systems and guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination, hiring people with disabilities and/or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Because of this, we are able to attract and retain the best professionals, people capable of learning, showing initiative, adding value, acting virtuously, working with others, being leaders within their field of responsibility and committing to Alpybus's goals. our Suppliers and Allies

  • Our commitment is based on maintaining open, fluid, honest and transparent dialogue with our suppliers and allies.
  • We identify their expectations and needs to create solid long-term relationships and to ensure our agreed targets are met.
  • We foster teamwork with them, ensuring that they are committed to our sustainability policy, to the ongoing betterment of the supply chain and to our customer satisfaction. the Community and the Environment

  • Ethics, responsibility, dialogue and transparency are all fundamental principles for Alpybus.
  • At Alpybus, we are aware that our capacity to create sustainable value for society is based essentially on the value creation chain to which we belong.
  • Our social commitment is based on dialogue, as we identify and meet the needs of the communities to which we belong as corporate citizens and, in addition to playing by the rules, we undertake to form an active part of the communities where we offer our services, contributing responsibly to their economic, social, cultural and environmental development and fostering teamwork with all interest groups.
  • We consider dialogue with Interest Groups and Trade Unions to be a crucial factor in developing labour relations within the Company.
  • At Alpybus, we are actively committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our activities, by making a rational use of resources, and environmental impact assessment is a fundamental factor in our decision-making process. Opinion Makers

  • We support the transparency, active teamwork and supplying relevant, reliable, accurate information regarding our activities. the Business Sector

  • Alpybus believes that free competition and active teamwork with other organisations and institutions are fundamental to our country's future development and prosperity.
  • Our activity in the business sector is based on strict compliance with competition laws, the exchange of d best practices, integrity and ethics, guaranteeing good dealings with our business associates and third parties, the correct handling of conflicts of interest and the exchange of information.